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What is income protection?

Personal income protection can be taken out at any age and safeguards your financial future against loss of income due to illness or disability. If at any point you become unable to work due to these factors, income protection pays you a regular income until you’re either able to return to work or retire.

How much does income protection pay out?

The amount paid to you by your income protection will depend on the policy you take out. As a rule of thumb, the amount paid is usually between half and two-thirds of the wage you were earning before tax. The income you receive is tax free and your state benefits will already have been accounted for prior to it entering your bank account.

Can I claim income protection immediately?

If you were to fall ill or become disabled and already have an income protection policy in place, you usually have to wait a minimum of four weeks before payments will be made. Additionally, if your employer offers sick pay or you claim statutory sick pay, the income protection will not begin until these payments have ended.

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