Centralised Investment Proposition

A Centralised Investment Proposition is an investment solution that is tailored to your specific individual Attitude to Investment Risk and Capacity for Loss. We have five different portfolios to select from: Medium Term Cautious, Medium Term Cautious to Moderate, Medium Term Moderate, Medium Term Moderate to Adventurous, Medium Term Adventurous.

How does a Centralised Investment Proposition work?

Our Centralised Investment Propositions contain a mixture of assets in varying weightings corresponding to the level of risk of each portfolio.

Typically, the more cautious a portfolio is, the more it will have invested within Fixed Interest/Bond holdings. The more adventurous a portfolio is, the more it will have invested within Equities/Stocks & Shares.

Active and Passive approaches

Our Centralised Investment Propositions invest through a blend of Active and Passive approaches. An active approach is where a fund manager is picking investments on a bespoke basis with the aim of outperforming average market performance, whereas a Passive approach involves tracking an index to ensure that it is getting “Market Participation Growth” relevant to that particular sector/index.

Active and Passive approaches

Cash Flow Forecasting

An important part of wealth management and financial planning is to understand the decisions in the present and how they can impact your financial position in the future, thus giving you the opportunity to enhance your future benefits. A way to help illustrate this is by using cash flow modelling tools. We make a point of running detailed cash flow forecasting with all of our clients, whether you’re at the beginning of your wealth accumulation journey or on the build-up to retirement.

How we advise on CIPs

How we advise on CIPs

SN Financial Services regularly reviews the suitability of all our Centralised Investment Propositions and advise on any changes that may be required, whether that involves changing a particular fund or weighting within a portfolio, or changing the portfolio to a different Centralised Investment Proposition to suit your individual needs and requirements and attitude to risk at that time if appropriate.

An important part of managing investment risk is to regularly rebalance your portfolio. We have constructed our Centralised Investment Propositions with the aim of these being well-diversified portfolios. It is vital that these portfolios are regularly rebalanced as they can deviate from the initial weightings in a particular fund or sector over time.

We carry out our rebalancing automatically. This takes the emotion out of the decision-making process, meaning there is less of a concern to try and sell or buy at the right time, and not becoming attached to a particular investment. Automatic rebalancing is a hassle-free way to stick to your original investing plan and helps ensure your portfolio remains on track to achieve your objectives and crucially, maintains your chosen level of risk.

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