Inheritance and Legacy Planning

Throughout your life, you work hard to save and perhaps you’ve invested your money in various financial products and assets, such as savings accounts, pensions, insurance policies, Stocks & Shares ISAs, property, gold bullion and collectable items that will appreciate in value. Whilst you may have full knowledge of your investment portfolio and assets, it’s also important that your next of kin can understand and easily manage your estate when you pass away.

The importance of inheritance planning

Inheritance planning involves arranging all of your financial matters and making them accessible to your next of kind when you die. This ensures that your final wishes can be carried out without any snags, as it can be surprising how convoluted the process becomes when there isn’t a will or suitable legacy plan in place.

As well as giving you total reassurance that your loved ones will be financially provided for, legacy planning also means that your next of kin will be saved from laborious, stressful and potentially costly administration when the time comes.

The tax benefits of legacy planning

One of the roles of our trusted financial advisers is to save you tax in every way possible. This very much comes into play during estate planning, as your financial and investment portfolios can be arranged in the most tax efficient way, resulting in more being left to your loved ones and any charities you wish to support.

Is legacy planning the same as making a will?

The creation of a will is actually part and parcel of legacy planning, as it’s the legal document that explains how your estate is to be distributed. Your will should be updated every time your circumstances change, such as following a marriage, divorce or having children.

As part of our tailored inheritance planning service, we’ll explain in no-nonsense language how you can effectively plan your legacy and achieve complete peace of mind.

Inheritance and Legacy Planning

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