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Post-retirement planning is often considered much more complex than pre-retirement planning, as it involves making wise decisions in order to live your chosen retirement lifestyle and make your money go further with minimal risk. If you’re looking for tailored pension advice as part of a clear post-retirement planning strategy, our experienced financial advisers are here to help you effectively plan your retirement income and make it fit your expectations and goals.

State Pension

The State Pension is a regular payment from the government that most people can claim when they reach State Pension age. Your State Pension age depends on when you were born. You can find out your State Pension age by using the calculator on the GOV.UK website.

The amount of State Pension you’ll get depends on how many ‘qualifying’ years of National Insurance payments you have. This includes National Insurance contributions that you pay when you are working and contributions that are credited to you when you are unable to work. You can get an estimate of how much State Pension you could get on GOV.UK. This is called a State Pension Statement.

Generally, you need 35 qualifying years of National Insurance contributions to receive the full amount. You’ll still get something if you have at least 10 qualifying years – these can be before or after April 2016.

The State Pension is a vital part of people’s income in retirement and is certainly not to be overlooked.

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Our income in retirement modelling tools will provide you with a picture of your retirement ready to evolve with you throughout these years, with SN Financial Services giving you the confidence to maximise your retirement to its fullest.

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When it comes to your pension, it is important to make the right decisions for you. You need to make sure that you understand all your options and check that what you intend to do is right for your circumstances. You can choose to get initial guidance from Pension Wise. Pension Wise is a government service from MoneyHelper that offers free, impartial pensions guidance regarding your defined contribution pension options and is open to everyone aged 50 or over, who has a UK based personal or workplace pension. You can book a one-to-one appointment with Pension Wise for specialist guidance which will last around 45 to 60 minutes. Remember, this is guidance, not personal advice. You may want to speak to a financial adviser afterwards. To find out more or to book an appointment visit Pension Wise: free pension guidance | MoneyHelper