Centralised Investment Proposition

A Centralised Investment Proposition is an investment solution that is tailored to your specific individual Attitude to Investment Risk and Capacity for Loss.

How does a Centralised Investment Proposition work?

Your CIP is a tailored investment solution specifically designed to your unique risk tolerance and financial goals.  We have a range of portfolios that cater to clients’ unique attitude to investment risk, ranging from cautious investment solutions to adventurous solutions.

Invest Your Way: Active vs. Passive Strategies in Your CIP

Matching your investment approach to your goals and comfort level is key. Our Centralised Investment Propositions (CIPs) offer both Active and Passive management styles within their portfolios:

  • Active Approach: Imagine a dedicated fund manager handpicking investments, aiming to beat the market average. These strategies can potentially lead to higher returns, but with increased risk and management fees.
  • Passive Approach: Think of tracking a specific market index, ensuring your portfolio reflects its growth. These strategies often seek to achieve market average performance at lower costs.

Which approach is right for you? Let’s discuss your risk tolerance and investment goals to find the perfect CIP blend.

Cash Flow Forecasting: Your Roadmap to Financial Clarity

Cash flow forecasting isn’t just about numbers; it’s about unlocking a clear vision of your financial future.
Imagine having a roadmap that shows you:

  • How your income and expenses interact over time.
  • Potential roadblocks and opportunities you might encounter.
  • Steps you can take to reach your financial goals.

That’s the power of cash flow forecasting. We go beyond basic projections, offering in-depth analyses and guidance to help you:

  • Make informed decisions with confidence.
  • Proactively adjust your course as needed.
  • Feel empowered to build a stronger financial future.

Whether you’re:

  • Starting your career and wondering how to organise saving and spending.
  • Planning for retirement and wanting to hone your income and expenses.
  • Navigating a life transition and prioritising financial clarity.

Cash flow forecasting can be your invaluable tool.

How we advise on CIPs

Your Investments, Evolving with You: SN's Active CIP Management

Investments shouldn’t sit stagnant. At SN, we actively manage your Centralised Investment Proposition (CIP), ensuring it reflects your changing needs and risk tolerance.
What does this mean for you?

  • Continuous Monitoring: We regularly assess your CIP and its underlying funds, adapting to market shifts and your personal evolution.
  • Data-Driven Adjustments: We recommend fund swaps or weightings changes when necessary, maintaining your chosen risk profile.
  • Effortless Rebalancing: Our automated system rebalances your portfolio, removing emotional bias and keeping you on track.

The benefits:

  • Peace of mind: Know your investments are actively monitored for long-term success.
  • Reduced Risk: Regular adjustments can mitigate future risks.
  • Hassle-free: Automatic rebalancing ensures your strategy stays within your risk profile.

Ready to explore pro-active investment management?

Schedule a free consultation to discuss your goals and create a tailor-made CIP. Let’s work together to achieve your financial dreams.


The value of investments can fall as well as rise.  Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

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