Limited Company Buy-to-let Mortgages

What is a Limited Company Buy-to-Let?

A limited company buy-to-let mortgage is a specific type of mortgage designed for buying and financing rental properties through a limited company, rather than in your personal name. It differs from a standard buy-to-let mortgage in several key ways:
Who it’s for

  • Established landlords:  Those who already own multiple properties and want to create a more tax-efficient structure for future purchases.
  • Investors looking for portfolio growth:   Individuals or groups aiming to build a significant property portfolio through a company.
  • Those seeking limited liability:   Individuals wanting to shield their personal assets from potential property-related debts or legal issues.

Key features

  • Owned by the company:  The property is owned by the limited company, not the individual(s).
  • Tax implications:  Profits are taxed as Corporation Tax (usually lower than Income Tax) and rental income is treated as business income.
  • Interest-only mortgages:  You typically only pay the interest on the loan during the term, with the capital repaid when the property is sold or the mortgage matures.
  • Stricter criteria:  Lenders apply stricter affordability and creditworthiness checks compared to regular buy-to-let mortgages.
  • Personal guarantees often required:  Directors of the company may need to provide personal guarantees for the loan.

Is a limited company buy-to-let similar to a regular buy-to-let mortgage?

A limited company buy-to-let mortgage differs from a regular buy-to-let mortgage in a few ways

  • The fees and interest rates are usually higher.
  • You will need to act as a guarantor on the mortgage and as such will need to have an additional solicitor for independent legal advice. Factor in £150-£300 per director.
  • You will be able to offset the mortgage interest as an expense but any profit will incur corporation tax.
  • Make sure to speak to an accountant to ensure your company is set up with the correct SIC codes for the purposes of purchasing and letting out property.

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Things to consider

  • Setup costs: Setting up and maintaining a limited company involves additional fees and administrative work.
  • Special Purpose Vehicle: Generally you cannot purchase property with a mortgage through a trading company, so you must set up a separate ‘special purpose vehicle’.
  • Tax advice crucial: Understanding the tax implications and potential complexities is essential before proceeding.
  • Not suitable for everyone: It’s best suited for those with specific investment goals and the capacity to manage a limited company.

If you’re unsure whether a limited company buy-to-let mortgage is right for you, talk to us, we can help guide you on the best route alongside our accountant trusted partners.

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