Be Pension Aware!


September 15th is Pension Awareness Day so here are some useful facts and top tips to becoming “Pension Aware”

Gather. Plan. Act.

  • Plan early! You can find out information about your state pension and private pensions by working with your adviser to get a clear picture of your projected retirement wealth.  Our new SN Client Portal can help you keep track your pension plans, with many plans benefiting from daily live valuations direct to your desktop*.
  • Find out about personal pensions you have contributed to, whether its your current pension or ones from previous employment.  Find statements and provider details so your adviser can help you gather up to date information on all your plans.
  • Get as much information as possible.  This will help you and your adviser plan to achieve your goals!

Set. Save. Enjoy.

  • Consider your retirement goals – what might these look like? Are you looking to move or downsize? Travel? Give money to your family? This can help you and your adviser determine what pension fund you might need.
  • Saving into a pension to meet your personal goals can provide you with tax advantages and from age 55 you can take a tax-free lump sum of up to 25% of your pension. Your adviser can help you determine the right course of action to maximise your money.
  • Keep in touch! We always review our clients investments on a regular basis and if your situation changes your adviser can help you re-evaluate your goals and help you make any necessary changes.

Whatever you do on Pension Awareness Day just remember that SN Financial are here to help.  We are regulated by the FCA with qualified advisers and a Wealth Management department to support all your needs.  If you need help or advice please contact us.

*Plans managed under SN Financial Services agency, subject to provider functionality.

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