Can you save money by remortgaging?


At SN Financial, we are independent whole of market mortgage advisers. This means that we can guide you through the mortgage process as efficiently and stress-free as possible, while securing the most suitable product for your circumstances and requirements. Sometimes, this means that remortgaging your property provides the perfect solution. We also have access to deals that may only be available through a mortgage adviser.

A study by TSB in January 2021 showed that “…British homeowners could save more than £2,000 on average this year by remortgaging to a fixed-rate product at today’s rates, this saving is worth £169 per month, yet almost 9 in 10 borrowers haven’t considered moving lenders.”

The study also showed that “a quarter of homeowners say they would find the task of securing a new rate too stressful or daunting, and a further 14% said remortgaging takes too long and they wouldn’t know where to look for a new deal.”

You can read the full study here.

If you are unsure of the interest rate on your current mortgage deal, we suggest obtaining your latest mortgage statement or speaking to your lender. If you are on a variable rate, you may benefit from securing a fixed rate mortgage, giving you greater certainty of payments, potentially at a lower rate. If you are still in your fixed period, we can normally assess your mortgage options 3-6 months in advance so that we can secure a new product prior to the expiry of your current deal, avoiding the lenders variable rate.

If you would like to speak with an adviser about your current mortgage please contact Charlie Nicholls (CeMAP, CeRER, DipFA).

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