Key Person Insurance

Insurance policies aren’t just for individuals, as they can also be taken out by businesses. Key person insurance is a popular example of this and is very popular with limited companies.

What is key person insurance?

Key person insurance, also known as keyman insurance or business life insurance, protects a business from the financial impact of losing a critical individual. Typically, this individual is:

  • Owner or founder: Their skills and leadership are vital to the company’s success.
  • Top executive: Their expertise and decision-making are crucial for smooth operations.
  • Highly specialised employee: Their unique skills and knowledge are irreplaceable.

How it works:

The business takes out a life insurance policy on the key person. If that person dies or becomes critically ill and unable to work, the insurance company pays out a lump sum benefit to the business.

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Key Person Insurance: Protecting Your Business From the Unexpected

Imagine your business without a vital team member – a key player whose expertise and relationships drive your success. Now imagine the impact if they were suddenly no longer there due to illness, disability, or even death.

That’s where Key Person Insurance comes in. It’s a financial safety net that protects your business from the financial hardship caused by losing a critical employee.

  • Financial stability:  Helps cover lost profits, business continuity costs, and recruitment expenses.
  • Peace of mind:  Allows the business to continue operating and recover from the loss without major financial disruption.
  • Attracts and retains talent:  Offers key employees a valuable benefit and demonstrates the company’s commitment to their well-being.

Who is a Key Person?

A key person can be anyone whose absence would significantly impact your business, such as:

  • Owners or founders
  • CEOs or managing directors
  • Top salespeople
  • Specialised technical experts

Investing in key person insurance is an investment in the future of your business. It demonstrates your commitment to protecting your valuable assets and ensuring smooth operation even in the face of unforeseen circumstances.

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Considering Key Person Insurance for Your Business?

Contact SN Financial today! We can help you assess your needs and find a customised key person insurance solution that protects your business and your future success.

  • Life insurance: Pays out if the key person dies.
  • Critical illness cover: Pays out if the key person is diagnosed with a serious illness.
  • Disability income protection: Pays out a regular income if the key person is unable to work due to an illness or injury.


Information given during the application will form part of the legal relationship between you and the protection provider. If any information is omitted or found to be incorrect it may mean that a claim is not paid, or the policy is amended or cancelled.

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