Mortgage Protection

We take a holistic approach to protecting your mortgage, so your financial adviser will recommend a combination of life insurance, income protection and/or critical illness protection that will allow you to remain in your home no matter what life throws at you.

Mortgage Protection: covering your home, protecting your peace of mind

Worried about illness or job loss impacting your mortgage? Mortgage protection steps in, covering your payments if you become unable to work. It’s a safety net for your home, providing financial security and reduced stress during challenging times.  Think of it as an investment in your future and a safeguard for your biggest asset.

Key points

  • Covers mortgage payments  if you’re ill, disabled, or lose your job.
  • In the event of death the mortgage will be repaid for your dependents
  • Peace of mind  knowing your home is protected.
  • Flexible options  to fit your needs and budget.

How much does mortgage protection pay out?

When choosing a mortgage protection policy, you’ll have the flexibility to customize the payout amount to fit your needs. This could mean covering just your mortgage payments or including additional household bills.

  • Salary The payout is typically based on your salary, with a maximum of 50% – 67% of your monthly pre-tax wage.
  • Coverage duration Most policies cover you for up to two years, providing valuable support during challenging times.
  • Specific needs Consider whether you need coverage for just your mortgage or additional expenses like utilities.

Understanding mortgage protection waiting periods

Mortgage protection offers a safety net for your home loan payments in case of illness, injury, or job loss. But before you tap into those benefits, there’s a waiting period to consider.  Think of it as a deductible for your insurance;

  • Shorter waiting periods (30-60 days) – Pay more for the policy, but receive benefits sooner.
  • Longer waiting periods (180 days) – Get a lower premium, but wait longer for pay outs.
Matching your needs

If your employer offers sick pay, a longer waiting period might be cost-effective.  For immediate financial support, opt for a shorter wait.

Key takeaway

Waiting periods impact cost and access to benefits.  Tailor your policy based on your needs and financial situation.
Our advisers will assess your situation and choose the right balance of cost and coverage. Remember, peace of mind for your home is priceless.


Information given during the application will form part of the legal relationship between you and the protection provider. If any information is omitted or found to be incorrect it may mean that a claim is not paid, or the policy is amended or cancelled.

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