Private Health Insurance

Private health insurance covers the cost of private medical treatment for certain conditions that start after the policy has been taken out. Though we’re very lucky to have the NHS, many people choose to take out private health insurance for added peace of mind.

How does private health insurance work?

Once the policy is in place, you will be covered for particular treatments with a private healthcare provider. Your policy will state the level of cover available for each treatment and the location where it will be provided.

There will usually be an excess, which is the amount of money you’re willing to contribute to the cost of a treatment, although the majority of it will be covered by your insurance.

What does private health insurance cover?

When taking out your private health insurance policy, you can decide the types of activity that will be covered. The most common examples include:

In addition, your private health insurance could also cover outpatient consultations, mental health treatments, physiotherapy and chiropody. The more your policy covers, the higher your monthly premiums will be.

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Why take out private health insurance?

Many people take out private health insurance because they would rather have their consultations and treatments at a private healthcare facility. This could be due to preferences of location, privacy or comfort, or simply because it provides timely access to healthcare through prompt referrals, admissions and treatments.

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